Friday, September 1, 2023



So I started a new blog to hopefully be a little cleaner and more organized and to have more active links , not like so many dead links on here , but I will be still working on this one but just as much . I've got some interviews in the works and some more live recordings . I started this one with absolutely no clue in what I was doing and a complete learning experience for me , so I'm hoping I learned a little something here and you have all enjoyed the music/bands I have posted on here. I'll be moving a bunch of links onto the other blog but the ones on here that are still active will stay active , so I hope you will stop by and check out my new blog and cheers .

Saturday, July 8, 2023

West Coast Chaos Tour @ Jerry's Pizza 07/03/2023


This was a show I was looking forward to because I don't get out to often or I'm just in way to much pain to go, but I made it out to this but was bummed the Dogface Bastards had to drop out at the the last minute . Overall it was still an absolute blast and Jerry's pizza downstairs didn't feel like the bowels of hell that night because they actually had some portable ac's for once. It was a slow night with hardly anyone there for quite a while even when the first band was doing soundcheck (with quite a few beer/drink breaks in between). But when G.A.H.D. started playing people started to slowly trickle in and they were still a powerhouse of sound (they have always reminded me of DETESTATION) they are one of my favorite local bands and I think I have know most of the members for close around 20 years now. You can find them here
Holly and G.A.H.D.


Up Next from Los Angeles, California were STILL PIST! , good street punk sound that reminded me from The Unseen, Defiance, Starved And Delirious, and the Krum Bums , well you get the hint.              You can find them          

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Up last from San Jose , California was MOKOSOS, I've heard of them but never actually heard them until this night and I was impressed by them. They had that street punk sound down but of to me it mixed the street punk of areas such as So. Cal, Portland, and bands from Philly and Ill be definitely checking them out more. And they did an encore of their song titled "BRIAN DENEKE" . If you don't know who that is look it up and there was a movie about him called BOMB CITY . I remember hearing about this incident a few days after it happened and putting a lot of punks and alternative people on edge since we didn't know if it could or would happen in our community's. Glad to see that people haven't forgotten about the incident and still bring it up , it's good to not forget about things like this and for MOKOSOS to keep the story out there.   You can find them                         

The video's and pictures may not be the best but I use my phone (which is a low end version Samsung Galaxy) so if you don't like the video's or pics , don't look or watch and just fuck off. I'm glad I went this night I had a lot of fun, seen old friend's met new people and heard some damn good tunes , and I don't make it out very often, so thank you to the bands that played (don't know why DogFace Bastards didn't play but hopefully I'll get a chance to see them some time) . And a final thank you to Keri Bryson who as usual I stole some pics from.



  So I started a new blog to hopefully be a little cleaner and more organized and to have more active links , not like so many dead links on...